From Career to Contentment: Can you answer the question?

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. …

Is Love Magic Or A Choice

Everyone says

“Love isn’t a feeling”

“Its a choice”

That terrifies me

Only relationship I’ve ever had has been long term

And real


I’ve always been good at smart decisions

Logical choices

What if this thing

Me and her

Is just the logical choice

Not fate or stars or…

The Oldest Productivity Hack

A plan is critical if you want to be productive. No explorer has ever gotten where they wanted to go without a map. It is no different in the things we attempt today, be it business, education, or fitness. A good plan does not determine how far you will go…

Bad News and Regretted Decisions

Sometimes when it rains it pours. And sometimes it doesn’t rain at all because that would be too easy. That would give you a place to hide and convince the world that you do feel like the sky is falling. Sometimes it just stays sunny.

Ever prayed for rain?

Anyone besides a farmer or…

Some Odd Ideas to Make You Question The Ways of The World

Do you think the people who came before us would be disappointed?

Going beyond the impressive people who history remembers like Aristole, or Lewis and Clark. What about the average ones? The standard guy who gathered firewood, or the weaver girl who made clothes for the local market. What about the Indian brave leading the party to find the survivors of Custor’s…

There are no right answers

Sometimes there aren’t right answers. Everyone likes to claim the moral high ground and look down on folks for daring to choose a position that is against their own. But sometimes there are no right answers. There are just choices.

I Don’t Watch The News

I try not to keep up with current events. I…

We are all the problem

We Know The Adage

Don’t judge folks. We get told that all the time. But everyone knows full well that each person is being picked apart by the eyes of each other wondering where they fall in comparison. Some people make a point of crafting exactly what and who to put forth for others…

Right hands to great bosses

Leaders are the ones who make the news. The ones who made the big plays, the big decisions, the power moves that changed the world, saved the day, won the game. It is always the leaders who are the talk of the town.

Natural Born

Some people are natural-born leaders. They step…

Self-fulfilling prophesy of Honors and the Others

There is always a class. A class that got designated as the ones who would only go so far in life because of their inability to sit still for six hours a day in cinderblock rooms . This is the class that is full of the kids who got letters…

Things My Parents Taught Me That Aged Well

My parents are baby boomers. Everyone likes to talk down on the boomers because so much has changed to the point that what they preach is often not helpful anymore. But some of it is. …

Mallory Elizabeth Baskin

A Southern Girl trying to get good at this writing thing. Talking about being gay, getting better, and making life worth living.

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