8 Weird Questions

Some Odd Ideas to Make You Question The Ways of The World

Mallory Elizabeth Baskin
4 min readSep 5, 2021


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Do you think the people who came before us would be disappointed?

Going beyond the impressive people who history remembers like Aristole, or Lewis and Clark. What about the average ones? The standard guy who gathered firewood, or the weaver girl who made clothes for the local market. What about the Indian brave leading the party to find the survivors of Custor’s stand, or the guy who went around changing the first light bulbs. Would they be disappointed in us? In the progress we have made, in the science we have discovered, in where our culture has gone? Would we have disappointed the people in our past?

How does God/Allah/High Power pick the winning side?

Were the prayers of Natives less fervent than those of the colonists? Why did we win when we fought England? Wars alter the entire world and change the very pattern of society. How does God decide who wins? Are the winners holders of a higher morality or luck? Will we one day be on the wrong side of war without understanding why?

If personality isn’t permanently like Benjamin Hardy says, can addictive personality be unlearned?

Benjamin Hardy wrote a great book called “Personality Isn’t Permenant”. In it he discusses how our personality traits are not things we are born with but things we learn. I love the book and believe that personality can be altered with conscious choice and practice. But lately I’ve been wondering if some parts are exceptions to this rule. For example, I have an addictive personality. I have been addicted to self harm, to sugar, and to video games. I get caught up fast and then can’t get off the hook. I have learned that about myself and am super careful. I never let myself get even buzzed for fear of liking it too much. But like most folks who have been addicts, I still get cravings, can still get triggered. Can that be unlearned, be changed? Can addicts no longer be addicts?

Is there a single perfect person for everyone? Or is love a choice?



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