Sometimes It Is Wrong To Stay Quiet

Israel and Palestine

Mallory Elizabeth Baskin


Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

I wrote this and then deleted it. I swore I wasn’t going to get involved in the politics of it all. But I can’t just pretend it isn’t happening or that I am ok with it.


The concept of Israel, its right to exist, and its history is long and complicated. Even the concept of Judaism confuses me. I thought Judaism was a religion, like one you could convert to. But it seems also to be a nationality and a race which is way beyond my understanding. They control a country and yet you can be born Jewish without having ever set foot in Israel. So all that is beyond me.

I can’t begin to explain its history or the history of its people. Certainly not going back into Biblical days or even most of the stuff in its more recent past. Heck, I don’t even know who made the decision to recreate it after the end of World War 2 or the reasons behind the decision.

Happening Now

However, staying silent due to being uninformed only holds true if you intend to remain uninformed. Otherwise, it is just an excuse to avoid taking a stand. I am trying to educate myself and although so much of it is complicated, this situation isn’t.

What is happening in October of 2023 is murder. It’s genocide. A war implies a conflict between two sides that have at least a roughly equal chance of doing harm. There should be two armies, two hierarchies of military leadership, and two political structures backing their aims. That doesn’t exist here.

Instead what we have is a country with one of the top 20 militaries in the world waging an indiscriminate killing campaign against a group of people with no military. This is not a war, a conflict, or anything else to try and make it sound like Israel is doing the proper thing. Instead, this is a drastically unfair fight against a people group who can’t fight back.


Terrorism is always bad. I don’t condone the killing of innocents on either side. Civilians are not a fighting force and should not be treated as such. And the people who place bombs cannot be lumped into a giant category with everyone who comes from a specific country or looks a certain way. We have a bad…



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