The Government Helped Me Make Up My Mind On The Transgender Issue

I was never sure of my stance on transgender folks— until now

Mallory Elizabeth Baskin


Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

I wasn’t a supporter of trans people. That is right, as a lesbian, I wasn’t a supporter of trans people. I thought we had taken science too far, and I bought into the two-genders thing. But recently I have come to some important decisions. And all this hullabaloo from the government about trans folks helped cement them.

Just Because I Don’t Experience It Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Real

I have never wanted to be a boy, except for the times in high school when I thought dress codes and other rules were unfair. But I don’t think wanting the perks of being male is the same as wanting to be one. I have always been content with being female. I don’t fit in with the majority of females because I am too tomboyish and often felt others assumed I was trying to be a boy. However, I never had any inkling that I was meant to be a male, that I was in the wrong body, or that I was assigned a gender I wasn’t part of.

But not having this feeling myself doesn’t mean it can’t exist or that others don’t feel it.

I have never had any desire to skydive, to try recreational drugs just to know what it’s like, or go too far with a guy. My experiences being attracted to women have often been discounted by those who are straight because they do not experience the same thing. But I know what I feel is valid and real. Why can the feelings of others who believe they were assigned the wrong gender not be just as real?

The Government Should Get No Say Regardless

The government doesn’t get a say in medical treatment. It doesn’t get to allow or not allow you to be what you want. It has proved time and time again that as a whole it is irresponsible with money, slow to learn and be taught, and easily swayed and corrupted by cash. If the government applied to babysit your children, you would never hire them. Why allow these people to decide what people can and cannot do with their own bodies?

I don’t care if you are for or against trans people being able to transition. The government should not be…



Mallory Elizabeth Baskin

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